October meeting quiz answers

Some of you will have realised that the ‘who’ and the ‘where’ questions in this month’s quiz were linked. The answers to the five sets of questions were:

Edward Pease is referred to as the ‘Father of the Railways’. He developed his textile business in Darlington, which Daniel Defoe highlighted as being a centre for linen bleaching.

John Walker was a chemist who invented the friction match. He lived in Stockton on Tees, the town which once had a castle until it was destroyed by Cromwell at the end of the Civil War.

Henry Fitzroy was the son of Henry VIII. He was Earl of Richmond, the town known for the legend of the drummer boy.

Henry Witham researched the internal structure of fossil plants. He established the Barnard Castle Mechanics Institute, the town where Charles Dickens stayed whilst researching Nicholas Nickleby.

Thomas Wright was the first astronomer to describe the shape of the Milky Way. He was born and died here in Byers Green, the village whose name is thought to mean ‘the green by the cowsheds’.


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