Book review – Darlington in 50 Buildings by Chris Lloyd

Darlington in 50 Buildings – reviewed by Pat Holmes

As chair person of the Darlington Historical Society, I was asked to review this publication.

I have lived in the Country of Durham for all of my adult life and Darlington for the last 17 years.

In these present times, Darlington is losing much evidence of it’s worthy past in terms of buildings. This book is most valuable with a multitude of pictures from the earliest times through to the present day, showing the influence of the early church , the Industrial Age and the Society of Friends.

I know that throughout the North country, Darlington has been known as ‘a Quaker town’. I was surprised to hear it referred to as the Athens of the North. I think the townspeople of Edinburgh may query this.

To the tourist, the map of the town outlining the whereabouts of the buildings is of great value.

Darlington in 50 Buildings by Chris Lloyd is published by Amberley Publishing (ISBN 9781445666822). It is on sale at Waterstones in the Cornmill in Darlington and is also available in paperback and for the Kindle from Amazon.


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